Žltý Melón AWARDS 2017

It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas and that means it is time to celebrate the end of another successful year of fruity people-to-people lending here at Žltý Melón!

Žltý Melón is not just another p2p lending platform, it is juicy and different, because we have a real community of people like you who are helping us revolutionise the financial sector.

So, as in years past we want to use our annual Awards competition to thank you for your support with some great prizes, and all you have to do is help more people find out what life is like when you borrow and lend money the delicious Žltý Melón way!

Gush about Žltý Melón to a friend and pay no investment fees in 2018

How can I enter the competition?

Simply recommend us to your friends, family, colleagues and strangers and tell them to provide us with your email address as their reference code when they register as an investor.

It really couldn't be any easier! Every person you refer who makes just one single, tiny, little melon-seed size investment of 25 EUR gives you one more ticket and chance to win fee-free investments in 2018!

What can I win?

We will pay you 5 Euro for every single person you take 30 seconds out of your life to persuade to join our great community of investors and make a single investment of at least 25 EUR. Plus, if they invest more than that, you can earn even more through our Affiliate Programme.

If that isn't enough to get you gushing about fruity and awesome it is here, then how does paying no fees at all for your investments on our platform in 2018 sound??

Pretty tasty offer no? Well, the three investors who recommend the most people will win exactly that

No catches, no tricks, just no fees on every single investment you make on Žltý Melón for the whole 365 days of 2018!

So what are you waiting for? Go shout about Žltý Melón from the rooftops so that more people can benefit from people-to-people lending and so you can earn even more in 2018. Everyone wins!

From everyone here at Žltý Melón, we wish you the best of luck in this competition and a very happy holiday season!

Competition results

This year winners are: Matus89, miro5476 and Petero123

All three investors will invest on Žltý melón for free during the whole year 2018.

Congratulations to all the winners and thank you to everyone who took part, we hope it was fun and we thank you for your continued support!

Rules of the Contest

  • The "Gush about Žltý Melón to a friend and pay no investment fees in 2018' competition will run from 1.12.2017 do 31.12.2017, and is based on the number of people that a user refers to us using their email address as the reference code and who make a qualifying successful investment bid in a loan auction during this period.
  • Entry to the competition is open to all people with a registered investor account on Žltý Melón and a valid e-mail address (“The referrer(s)”). Investors can check or change the registered email address for their account on Žltý Melón in the My Account area..
  • To qualify towards a user’s entry into this contest a “recommended investor” must successfully register a new account as an investor on Žltý Melón and invest using the email address associated with the referrer’s existing account on Žltý Melón as their sole identifier and reference code during the registration process.
  • To quality a “recommended investor” must not have any other account in their name on Žltý Melón under a different username and also must make at least one investment of at least 25 EUR in a loan on Žltý Melón, which must be completed prior to the end of the competition.
  • After the deadline of this competition Žltý Melón will assess all of the newly-registered investor accounts that were registered during the period of the competition and that listed a specific email address of a current Žltý Melón user account as their reference code, in order to calculate the three current user accounts (based on their registered email addresses) that were listed as the reference code for the most newly registered investors, which will then be awarded the three top prizes based on these results.
  • The top prize of 'fee-free invesments in 2018' will be awarded to the top three contestants (e.g. current users) after an evaluation by Žltý Melón of the investor accounts that were registered on Žltý melón during the period of the contest and the email address they listed as their reference code (if any) for each newly registered account. In the event that there are multiple current users with the same number of newly registered accounts that provided their details as a reference code, a winner will be chosen at random between those current users in an appropriate fashion depending on the exact nature of the tie.
  • At the end of the competition Žltý Melón will inform the winners of the results in an appropriate manner. The top prize of 'Fee-free investments in 2018' means the renumeration and remission of all fees that will be paid by the investor in the calendar year of 2018, related to their investments on Žltý Melón. In practice, investment fees will be withdrawn from the investor's account and paid in the normal way, with the user then receiving a credit to their account on Žltý Melón at the end of the calendar year, which will be equal to the total amount of all the investment fees paid by the investor during 2018.
  • Employes of Žltý Melón and their family members are excluded from participation in this competition.
  • If a newly-registered investor makes an investment offer after the competition is closed, the current investor is still eligible to receive a commission for the client's recommendation, under the standard terms of the Žltý Melón 'Earn with us' Affiliate programme. The minimum amount to earn the bonus under this programme is an investment of € 250.

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